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This was a fantastic experience that EVERY woman should do for themselves! Bernadine makes you feel amazing and beautiful!! I had the best time and I will be forever grateful for Bernadine's talents!!

Christine Atkinson MacDonald

If you want to do a professional business shoot, I have to say that Bernadine Umlah, owner of Studio Umlah is an absolute rockstar! Hands down the most amazing experience ever! 

Angela Faulkner

Our day together was a treat from beginning to end. Bernadine knows how to bring out the beauty in everyone she photographs - a true artist, an unforgettable experience!

Jacqueline Ferguson

Thank you for an unforgetable memory made with my daughter. Our time with you was so fun! You made us feel like models posing for a magazine cover.

Beverley Ann Auston

What an empowering day! Bernadine made me feel so comfortable and at ease with myself. I highly reccomend Studio Umlah for an amazing experience you won't forget.

Rae-Lee Verboom

 Bernadine was amazing to work with and made me feel so comfortable. She is a beautiful soul.

Sarah Jane Archibald

Sarah Jane Archibald

Everyone should do themselves a favor and go see Bernadine Umlah at Studio Umlah! She's incredibly talented and a wonderful woman! 

Jennifer Taylor

What an amazing experience! Thank you so much for being the artist you are.

Wanda Cavanaugh

Such an amazing experience! Bernadine makes you feel completely comfortable and beautiful! Thank you so much!

Denise Andrews

This was an amazing experience! Bernadine was so easy to work with and DAMN, look what she does!! If you have the opportunity, take it!!

Debbie Roberston-Delany

I have to admit that I was a little nervous leading up to this session because I don't like having my picture taken. But I can't wait to get in front of Bernadine's camera again!!! Thank you for an amazing experience!

Maria Angelo

Amazing experience! Bernadine is so great and makes you feel very comfortable.

Lacey Harrison

Me and my mom had a wonderful experience here! so professional and welcoming.

Izzy Harrington

Bernadine is one extremely talented woman, who has vision, and uses her talent to help other women feel good about themselves. Thank you Bernadine for working your magic on me.

Marion Currie

 I don't remember the last time I had my picture taken professionally - Bernadine made it so easy, relaxing and fun! I would recommend this to any woman of any age. 

Darcie McNeil

An unforgettable experience to share with my daughter! Bernadine had a very special way about her. The setting was perfect, we were relaxed and at ease but we also had so much fun. 

Angela Barkhouse Clow


For more than a decade, portraiture photography has been an exciting and fulfilling way for me to combine all of the things I love. My work through the years in hair, makeup, interior decorating and photography have come from the creative expression of my heart and have led me to my dream job, photographing you! I specialize in photographing women because it brings me joy to make women feel good about themselves, to feel beautiful, loved and celebrated. I want you to see yourself the way I see you...gorgeous!

With love, Bernadine